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Wes Harding - Author - "DestineD TO RUN"

Wes Harding shares a moment with his hero Dick Hoyt.  The Hoyt's message, "Yes, You Can!" inspired Wes to achieve his dreams.



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Destined To Run

The Warmup


Destined to Run is comprised of 140.6 miles or triumphs, struggles, and life stories.  Why 140.6 miles, you may ask?  As you may already know, 140.6 represents the distance of a full Ironman competition.  Each mile marker brings a greater experience than the one before.  For runners and triathletes, the thrill of the race is what brings them to the starting line.  Some miles along the journey bring pain and suffering, while others promise hope and belief that anything is possible. Like an Ironman competition, this book reveals life's stories of pain an blessing that come from being determined.  The stories in this book are aimed to not only encourage you, but also to inspire you to achieve your dreams and aspirations.  You are never to old to dream big and reach for the stars.  Anything is possible!

Destined to Run is an inspiring story of God's grace and pure human grit.  The beauty of the indomitable human spirit.  You will be encouraged and challenged by this book.   It is a dangerous book.  It will inspire you to say, "I Can"

                                                                       Steve Jones, National President, The Fellowship

The Story 


This is more than just a story about a fat guy turned Ironman.  Destined to Run tells Wes Harding's story of traveling through life and overcoming the immense challenges that have been tossed his way.  Though he has stumbled and often fallen, he always had the strength and courage to get back up again while never losing faith in God. 


"This book is a story about chasing after your dreams." 

  Todd Civin

Civin Media Relations